You've Been Flocked! Support PGHS Marching Royals During Special Fundraiser

September 11, 2023 

Have you noticed a roving group of pink flamingos traveling around Prince George? Don't be alarmed; they're visiting our community as part of a unique fundraiser benefiting the Prince George High School Marching Royals!

The small flock of 12 pink lawn flamingos are looking for nice, well-kept front yards in Prince George! If you want these flamingos to "nest" in a friend's or neighbor's yard for a day or two, complete the form below and return it (along with payment) to your band member. The flamingo friends will appear in the designated yard and stay for about 24 hours before traveling on to their next nesting grounds. 

Upon arrival, the home you have selected to send the birds to will receive a note of thanks for hosting our bright pink guests and an acknowledgment of the sender!

When: September 11-28, 2023

Cost: Request to Send a Flock to Nest - $25

Additional Cost: Insurance is available for purchase for $50. Insurance prevents you from getting flocked. If someone requests a flocking for an insured yard, they will be given the option to "flock" someone else.

Last Order Deadline: September 25, 2023

For any questions, feel free to email PGHS Band Boosters at [email protected]!