BE HERE PG: Commit to Positive School Attendance Habits During The Second Semester!

January 25, 2024

As we begin the second semester of the 2023-24 School Year, we encourage everyone to continue building positive school attendance habits throughout the remainder of the school year. 

Regular and consistent school attendance ensures that students do not miss out on important lessons and discussions, which impacts their overall academic success. Additionally, being present in the classroom allows students to interact with their peers and build important social skills.

Being chronically absent, defined as a student who has missed ten percent or more of the enrolled school days, can impact individual students and the school they attend. Students who become chronically absent will be expected to make up lost instructional time through before/after-school tutoring and/or Saturday school. 

As of January 12, 2024, 22.3% of PGHS students are on track to be chronically absent.

Chronic absenteeism can also affect your child’s school as this is one of several indicators that determines a school’s accreditation during a given school year. If your child’s school's Chronic Absenteeism Indicator exceeds 25 percent (Level 3), their school will not meet accreditation requirements for the upcoming school year, unless this represents a decrease in the chronic absenteeism rate by at least 10 percent from the previous school year. 

Remember, when students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic outcomes and chances for graduating. This is why it is essential for your children to be here with us every day.

Learn more about the importance of school attendance by visiting our Be Here PG portal at, where you can get valuable resources and information about the importance of school attendance.

We have also launched an online frequently asked questions page as part of our Be Here PG attendance resources website to help answer some common questions our school community has regarding school attendance, chronic absenteeism, and recovering lost instructional time in the classroom as part of Prince George County Public Schools' Regulations for School Absences.

 You can also access the FAQ page by clicking HERE.